The Word

An audio recording of Sunday's message will be available by the Tuesday morning following Sunday's service.  Please visit the library for a video recording of the full Traditional Worship service on DVD. 

  1. Do You See What I See?
  2. The Risk in Giving
  3. To See or Not to See
  4. The Walking Dead Look Different Than I Remember
  5. Daddy's Little Girl and You
  6. What Must We Do?
  7. You and I Have a Treasure in Heavenbut What If Our Hearts are Somewhere Else?
  8. The Prayer of a Scoundrel
  9. A Ruined Life
  10. Trying to Relate to the Church
  11. Whom Shall I Fear?
  12. It is the Least I Can Do
  13. For the Glory of God and Our Neighbor's Good
  14. Widening The Welcome of Jesus
  15. There's a Hole in the Roof!
  16. 7/30/2017 Message
  17. 7-23-2017 No More Separation Anxiety
  18. God's Lost and Found Box
  19. What A Ride!
  20. What It Would Look Like If We Took The Riske
  21. Built For A Purpose
  22. Plans? What Plans?
  23. A Come and See Church
  24. The Hope We Have
  25. Could This Really Happen?
  26. Sunday 5/07